June Challenge 2017

June Challenge is a birding exercise by birders during the month of June who collect a list of birds in their local area. The idea came from by Becky Enneis of Alachua, Florida in 2004. Join us and find out what birds frequent your local area during the month of June. This site helps collect and process the data. It is also fun to see what your friends are seeing where they live!

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Getting started

Register now by entering the location you will be participating in for June Challenge. The website will track yours and others information and present the data in an informative way. When you enter a bird you may want to add a note to the observation that will help others looking to see the same bird. We are still working on the website and would like your input. Any comments on problems, suggestions or ideas for features that would be helpful will be appreciated. I'm working now to add the ability to upload images related to June Challenge you might like to share.

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June Challenge Observation Data

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You are able to see data from all locations and the counts for each area. Data will be available for download soon. I'm working to finish these feature before too long. Enjoy the site and good birding!

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