June Challenge 2017

Welcome to June Challenge 2017

Good luck this year birding during the month of June. I hope you all see all the birds you expect to see and a few that you don't. Input your new bird observations on the +Observations page. If you have photos you would like to share Upload images by clicking on +Photos and follow the simple instructions. I added a simple message board on the home page that is visible when you are logged in. Here you may leave questions and comments related to June Challenge. 

June Challenge Blog

If you’re a blogger I setup a simple blog area where you may post articles about June Challenge and Birding. Articles will be posted for all to see. I plan to update a few things on blog presentation and allow comments to blogs. I will also add Facebook likes and shares to the blogs so your Facebook friends can promote your blog.

Download your Observations

You may now Download your observations from the +Observation page. Click the "Download Your Observations" button and your list will download all of your observations sorted by Bird (taxonomy order) and by County. Some entered multiple counties. The download is a CSV file... comma delimited file. Will open in excel and other spread sheet programs.

Best and Happy Birding


Trey Mitchell
5/31/2017 4:11:34 PM